Balancing Women's Health Naturally
Instructor: Caroline Bayard, D.D., D.S.T.

Education: 2 Continuing Education Units
Class Type: Holistic and Natural Health Student

Course Overview

Explore a different perspective to staying healthy as a woman. Is it necessary to have difficult menstrual cycles? Find out what causes the problems and how to change aspects of your life to create health. What causes women to have challenging and way too long menopausal symptoms that are sometimes totally debilitating? You are presented with herbal and nutritional options to assist women's natural health processes to be comfortable and reduce your symptoms. We will look at diet, herbals, supplements, and some lifestyle changes that may be exactly what you need to live a more fullfilled life as a woman.

There is also a short introduction about different herbal preparations so that you can understand them and how they are made and used.