Crystal Healing Pouch Course
Instructor: Caroline Bayard, D.D., D.S.T.

: 2 Continuing Education Units
Class Type: Holistic and Natural Health Student

Course Overview

A brief introduction to the history of the use of crystals for healing through the ages is explored from ancient Egypt to present day. Choosing your own healing crystals is important part of working with crystals. Learn the proper approach to finding your health and personal crystals. What type of consciousness is needed to make those decisions? Having chosen the crystals, what is the next step to guarantee the highest level of purity in the healing process? How do you know if the crystals are cleared of all negative energy that they may be picked up from the people who dug them up, sorted them, shipped them, etc. This even includes the store that you may have purchased them at, if the person doesn't have the same belief systems that you do. Did you know that your crystals can communicate the levels of stress, overuse and lack of proper storage and cleansing to you? It is necessary to have an awareness and work with your crystals to keep them cleansed and protected from disruptive influences.

An introduction to programming crystals and some possibilities for using the crystals for healing is presented. Do you know what a crystal layout is and why and how to use them? Simple examples of layouts and ways to use your crystals are also a part of the lecture, as well as ways to use crystals in healing combination, is also a part of this lecture. You are presented with basic information about fifteen crystals that you can use as a foundation for your healing practice and the healing process for yourself and others.