Basic Herbal Care Course
Instructor: Caroline Bayard, D.D., D.S.T.

Education: 2 Continuing Education Units
Class Type: Holistic and Natural Health Student

Course Overview

Choosing a health food store in a metropolitan area can be a daunting experience because there are so many. Though, even in a rural area, there are situations and protocols that the average person seeking healthy, natural options for daily life must be aware of. A presentation of different herbal tinctures: alcohol, vinegar, etc along with different types of herbal preparations. These are important building blocks to being a knowledgeable herbalist. Learning how to read a label correctly to understand all the wording on the packaging is important - BUYER BEWARE. This lecture will also include phytotherapy, a different type of natural therapy.

As this is the beginning of the herbal studies, an introduction to the female reproductive system, and challenges concerning it are presented. Also, an introduction to identifying basic characteristics of plants will eventually make it possible to identify plants in gardens or in the wild. As a foundation for the certification process, a large list of glossary terms is presented so you will have an easily accessible reference guide when learning to work with your new knowledge.