Feminine Balance: Healing Trauma Within the Body
Instructor: Nicole Tucker, C.A., C.R.

: 2 Continuing Education Units
Class Type: Holistic and Natural Health Student

Course Overview

In this enlightening course, you will be educated on examples of trauma and its potential impact on your well-being - physically, emotionally, and beyond. In addition, we will explore the multitude of inner and outer healing resources that can gently and successfully assist you to address the trauma.

The physical body communicates to us every second of the day, it lets us know when we are hungry, thirsty, tired and much more. The physical body also informs us of trauma stored within our body, if we hold onto a perceived painful experience it is stored within the cells of the body and mirrored in present and future life experiences.

Trauma may include sexual abuse, physical abuse, and abortion. These experience can potentially leave physical and emotional wounds within the body, that may impede on your quality of life, such as health, relationships/friendships, career, how you feel about yourself, self-worth, and other creative expressions.

The road to feminine balance is assisted with inner guidance; be assured that you hold the power to shift and heal any trauma. This guidance can direct you toward a satisfying, healthy, and healed life journey. Be open to the messages and symptoms of your body, listen and value what your body is communicating. This process has the beginning power to positively transform your entire life.