Menstrual Cycle: Cleansing of a Woman's Body
Instructor: Nicole Tucker, C.A., C.R.

: 2 Continuing Education Units
Class Type: Holistic and Natural Health Student

Course Overview

Referred to as 'the cause,' among other misleading titles, the menstrual cycle's purpose is vast, both physically and metaphysically; a holistic experience in which each vital aspects (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) of the girl or woman play significant roles in the process of the menstrual cycle. In this course, we will look at how her physical body, emotions, thought process and belief system affect the health of her cycle. In addition, we will examine the menstrual cycle and the effect it has had on societies, leading up to present day, in which artificial methods now exist to stop or pause the cycle. Seen as an inconvenience in many cultures, we will gain insight into the effects these methods have on the body and society.

We will explore more details of the cleansing process and how factors, such as diet, stress and environment contribute to its effectiveness and health of the girl or woman. Natural therapy modalities will be provided as resources to support her health, in general, and during her time of cleansing. These modalities include many ancient health care approaches, now experiencing a resurgence in modern day society. They are gentle, easy to use and have no adverse effect on the body.