Addictions and Obsessive Disorders EPFX/SCIO Protocol Course
Instructor: Louise Swartswalter, N.D.

: 2 Continuing Education Units
Class Type: EPFX/SCIO Student

Course Overview

This course will review the types of addictions, the causes of addictions, the importance of re-building and cleansing in relation to addictions and anxiety-obsessive imbalances and how to work ethically and professionally with clients with addictions. Learn a protocol on the SCIO/Indigo to work with these individuals who are gifted, intelligent and observant. Many of these individuals are the movers and shakers of our world much like the ADD/ADHD population. Some of the differences between the SCIO and Indigo will be reviewed. What an opportunity!

We will take a look at the neurotransmitters and the emotions as they relate to addictions-obsessions. The childhood traumas that are locked in cellular and neural memory can be addressed with energy work in conjunction with the SCIO/Indigo in assisting the client leap forward on their path to wholeness and happiness. Find out what this and how it can help you too!

We will go over the importance of supporting the body systems with nutrition in rebuilding and detoxing as healing begins. Learn what body systems are involved in healing certain types of addictions. Supplements, herbs, homeopathics, saunas, ionic footbaths, and energy work in the field will be reviewed as components of the healing process.