Awakening Abundance SCIO/Indigo Protocol
Instructor: Louise Swartswalter, N.D.

Education: 2 Continuing Education Units
Class Type: SCIO/Indigo Student

Course Overview

In this course we will go over how to create groups and work with groups in your practice. I have been running group for four years with amazing results and it is an excellent way to create community. You will receive handouts and tips for creating abundance and success. We will learn a proven protocol on the SCIO/Indigo for Awakening Abundance and DNA optimization.

  • Learn the steps to creating an awesome long distance group!
  • Create a live, in person group to establish community and keep clients involved and excited.
  • Discover the top ten secrets on the SCIO/Indigo for creating abundance.
  • Experience the frequencies to manifest abundance and balance in your life (wealth, joy, happiness, whatever abundance means to you).
  • Optimize DNA and stay youthful.
  • Maintain your positivity and success.

Testimonial from Group

Well it wasn't my intention to attend your group in order to join it, but considering the results I felt I'd be a fool not to join. I really did feel balanced, focused, clear, and productive today, on a much higher level than I have been functioning. I went to see my core practitioner today and she said, "Wow, everything energetically was in line today." In 4 months of seeing her regularly she has never said that.
- PF
Albuquerque, New Mexico

You, the student, will experience an upgrade yourself as I dedicate using the power of all my programs for your success. Don't miss out - now is the time to make this shift!