Weight Loss Group EPFX/SCIO Protocol Course
"How to Work with a Weight Group in Your Practice"
Instructor: Louise Swartswalter, N.D.

Education: 2 Continuing Education Units
Class Type: EPFX/SCIO Student

Course Overview

Running groups in your practice can be fun and lucrative! In this course, we will learn how to work with a weight group in your practice. Invite your clients to follow a proven plan endorsed by a Certified Nutritionist. This plan works even without the help of the EPFX/SCIO. I found that the SCIO Biofeedback Group Work enhanced and magnified the results for my clients! Plus, it raised their frequency and allowed for positive outcomes in other areas of their life as well! This has been one of the most rewarding groups with the most obvious success rate:

  • Learn the easy 3 phase weight loss plan that works
  • Discover the tricks and tips I found helpful to building group harmony
  • Find out the protocol on the EPFX/SCIO that I used with success for three successful groups so far
  • Handouts for success and more will be shared

Join Louise for this exciting important Weight Group Course. The statistics in our country regarding weight issues and their related diseases is unbelievable! Join us to learn the tools, protocols, and activities to empower your clients and their families to improve their health and lives!