Chakra and Color EPFX/SCIO Involvement Protocol
Instructor: Kathy Wilson, N.D.

Education: 2 Continuing Education Units
Class Type: EPFX/SCIO Student

Course Overview

We are energy beings; we absorb energy, use it and we send it off, it is the flow of life and it is the Life Force, or Chi within us. This class is designed to take you past the words "Chakra" and "Chi" and into what they really mean. What colors they need to be healthy, and which ones they resonate with.

Although there may be up to 88,000 Chakras in the body as a whole, we will look at the 7 primary Chakras; where they are within the body, what roles they play in both physical and emotional issues, how the Chakras effect us when they do not function properly and they effects they have on those around us. Next we will look at the functions of colors within the Chakras, and with emotional and physical color therapy. These colors tell us about the person we are working with; their past, their present and their future goals.

Those with or without a device may take this class; only portions are EPFX/SCIO Clasp32 specific.