Introduction: Awareness and Evolution of Consciousness Course

Education: 0.5 Continuing Education Units
Class Type: Holistic & Natural Health Student

Course Overview

Each of the following holds a place of importance in our lives:

  • Digesting food to access nourishment and generate energy
  • Formulating a decision to direct and organize energy
  • The growth cycle of a seed
  • Planning and executing a project
  • Preparing, cooking and eating a meal
  • Healing an injury
  • Maintaining optimal health

What do all of there (along with many other similar examples) have in common? Each follow a simple sequence of energetic steps, if they are to successfully reach their goal. This sequence is the "stages of processing," and it is the universal pattern for working with energy - that is the communication from source.

In order to understand and work with this communication, we need a pattern to translate raw energy from source into a structure that we can understand - like a key that unlocks a code. By applying the "stages of processing" in any situation, the situation will be transformed into a vibrant living opportunity for renewal and growth.