The Journey of Scents and the Healing Process
Instructor: Caroline Bayard, D.D., D.S.T.

: 0.5 Continuing Education Units
Class Type: Holistic and Natural Health Student

Course Overview

Aromatherapy is a glorious exploration of the use of scents of flowers, herbs, trees, and other plants in liquid from to heal the body, emotions, mind, and spirit, as well as clean the house, get rid of pests, keep your pets healthy, and even add healing aspects to the foods that are served every day. A brief introduction to how essential oils are incorporated into daily life and some simple 'recipes' to assist in healing everyday and even cooking is presented in this course.

This is just a sample of what can be learned and worked with from the knowledge obtained in Vital Connection University's initial eight Aromatherapy courses. Learn how to make a healthy essential oil 'lemonade' or an essential oil blend that can be combined with baking soda to scrub the bathroom and eliminate germs and 'nasties.'