Mystery School Intro -- Prepare to DIE

: 1 Continuing Education Units
Class Type: Holistic and Natural Health Student

Course Overview

In the East and West, an ancient legend speaks of a 3rd key to be revealed at the shift of the ages, a key powerful enough to unlock the mystery and to give the individual and the universal mind a safe way to die!

Two keys have been received thus far to 'attain' enlightenment (aka an embodied integrity defined here as the state of that which is entire). The Buddha recognized the first key as inquiry: and indeed, keep on asking who am I and you shall receive an answer so potent that you will be beyond the need for questions or answers! Then the Christ came to show us that the second key is in surrender: keep turning your 'free will' over to a Higher Power and life shall become way more harmonious...

Yet what was the 3rd key and when would it be found? Awaited with great anticipation, that key was prophesied to open a path so intuitively sound that it would permit not only for a few highly evolved individuals to get to the 'other side,' but also for the collective. But that passage had to be earned and the environment, to be ready: it had to have cooked long enough that a certain threshold of global...warming would be reached! Are we arrived yet? Are you ready to stop suffering? Would you like to learn about the 3rd key? If so, join us for this introduction to the Path of XPR.

The Path of XPR - is here to let your mind gently XPiRe and receive the XPRience of your full XPRession! (XPR is the evolution in Roman script of the Hebrew word for "sound, number, letter, light chakra!")

In this free introductory course we will introduce the XPR 1, Two, TREE course and explore the topic of communication known by the ancients as the "Living Word." By helping you to remove all of the blocks to clear and clean communication you can then receive the brilliant results that you desire. The experience is going to be highly interactive, lively and fun. Please bring an open mind and your most skeptical questions.