Quantum Group Work, Electrified! Grow Your Practice With Group Work Course

Education: 0.5 Continuing Education Units
Class Type: Holistic and Natural Health Student

Course Overview

Do you want to help people raise their frequency and benefit from Biofeedback? Do you want to bring in extra income and help specific groups of individuals achieve the life of their dreams?

Running groups in your practice can be fun and lucrative! Learn group activities that have been successful and empowering. I will introduce you to the basics of running group protocols using the EPFX/SCIO to raise frequencies and have families communicating better, ADD/ADHD individuals more focused and individuals experiencing a more youthful mind, body and spirit!

Some advantages of running groups:

  • Allows more people to experience the Quantum biofeedback without having come into the office.
  • Allows whole families to experience healing and raise their energy frequencies simply and affordable. (I will explain how this happens)
  • Allows you to make extra income while helping people?
  • Allows busy individuals and families to receive healing frequencies without leaving their homes and taking time our of their lives.
  • Allows you to keep your regular clients involved in your practice even when they have achieved their individual health goals.
  • Allows you to grow your skills as a teacher and a facilitator.
  • Allows for the power of group healing - Very effective!