Introduction to Reflexology Course

Education: 1.5 Continuing Education Units
Class Type: Holistic and Natural Health Student

Course Overview

Explore the ancient roots of modern day reflexology from Egypt, to present day natural health care practices. Learn how modern day reflexology was developed from pain responses in the feet and how they relate to the responses in the body itself. From these pain responses, the first process developed was called "zone theory," which later developed into mapping the foot as a reflection of the body. This expanded into a means of addressing stress, as well as a natural health care methodology which has shown to be effective throughout the world to assist in the healing process.

Explore basic finger techniques to access body parts mapped out in the foot reflexology charts and see how this information can suggest to the practitioner possible "stressors" or "deficient" body parts in the client. We will also cover ways of addressing tired, end of the day foot challenges to enable a healthy nurturing reflexology session for both client and practitioner.