When Wisdom is at Work

: 1 Continuing Education Units
Class Type: Holistic and Natural Health Student

Course Overview

Would you like to work in a mind where there is flawless team communication? Are you interested in getting to the core issues regarding the holistic sustainability of your resources?

Out of Overwhelm - are you reluctant to wake up in the morning because of thoughts of all the responsibilities and unmet deadlines you will have to face?

Out of Despair - do you dread the end of the day, when you are crumbling under the weight of your own leadership, feeling powerless to engage all the different parts of you?

Out of Stress - are you tired of being the only one trying to make a difference?

Out of Denial - are there places in your life that you ignore, such as the longing for emotional intimacy of the basic needs of your abused body?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, we have the perfect course for you. A wise person once said, "Communication is not what is said and done, but the result of what is said and done." In considering this statement, are you receiving the results you want in your life (business and personal)? Are you willing to eXPRience how wisdom will change your life?

Our Answer: XPR 1, TWO, Tree

In this free introductory course, we will introduce the XPR 1, TWO, Tree course and explore the topic of communication known by ancients as the "Living Word." By helping you to remove all of the blocks to clear and clean communication you can then receive the brilliant results that you desire.

This course is going to be highly interactive, lively and fun! Please bring an open mind and your most skeptical questions. There is no preparation required for this FREE course.

The Mission of XPR in the world is to reveal the inherent order in the chaos of intellectual knowledge. When we perceive that there is a universal path to hearing and seeing the soul of perennial truths, invisible and the visible merge, the hunger for love is satiated, integrity is naturally embodied, and an awake civilization emerges.