Cellular Contamination Reversal Course
Instructor: Kathy Wilson, N.D.

: 2 Continuing Education Units
Class Type: Holistic and Natural Health Student

Course Overview

How can we reverse cell damage and contamination?

Join us for a look at how to combat the effects that we as a society have placed upon ourselves. What, can we do to help reverse this cell damage and help when un-natural disasters stick? Situations such as the reactor failure in Japan are a real life concern, whether they are due to accident, natural storms and disasters causing catastrophic side effects or from man-made mistakes.

You have been studying about the cell structure and the way the call should work in our previous courses, now it is time to try and do something to help us make the corrective steps toward good health.

Environmental and Electrical Pollution and Chemical Toxins on the cells are a fact in our lives, and how it effects the human body has become an unpleasant reality. Now, let's see what we can do naturally to potentially help reverse these contaminating effects.