Levi's Anti-Aging SCIO/Indigo Protocol
Instructor: Levi Baxa, C.B.S., H.T.C.

Education: 2 Continuing Education Units 
Class Type: SCIO/EPFX/Indigo Student 

Course Overview

Most people taking steps to beautify their appearance would agree that real beauty has a strong internal quality that transcends mere cosmetic illusions. Conscious beauty is rooted in self-esteem and feeling comfortable with yourself. Bio Feedback Systems carefully integrates the best that science, psychology, and the anti-aging industry have to offer; bringing together the connection between the inner- and outer-beauty. 

In this course we will explore the different areas of our Clasp32 software that best support the aging process. Areas such as anti-aging DNA, Bio-feedback, Body Scan and Face Therapy. We will also be discussing other ways of enhancing our beauty through foods, affirmations, and supplements.

Remember it's not the age, it's the stage of life.