Client & Technical Interaction Skills Course
Instructor: Levi Baxa, Q.B.S, H.T.C.

Education: 2 Continuing Education Units
Class Type: EPFX/SCIO Student

Course Overview

Students enrolled in my courses continue to ask for input and suggestions regarding the improvement of their business. This involves communication with clients and setting the stage for increased business by word of mouth. with this in mind, this class is designed to help you consider things from a different angle; how your client views your business relations and how you view your client.

Let's take a look at your practice; from how you monitor your client while they are in your office, to ways they can learn from their sessions and life choices. Let's explore techniques in which this could help your client become more empowered, how your input effects the way your client proceeds with sessions and what we can do to help with client retention and return.

Let's make your business a success!