Dark Field Analysis Protocol
Instructor: Levi Baxa, Q.B.S, H.T.C.

Education: 2 Continuing Education Units
Class Type: SCIO/Indigo Student

Course Overview

When it comes to our Clasp32 software, we have an amazing opportunity to allow the unconsciousness to relay information on what stressors are associated with the blood. 

In this course we will be covering a variety of approaches and protocols on how to better facilitate the Dark Field Panel and other parts of your device.

This procedure is also called live cell analysis, dark-field video analysis, nutritional blood analysis, and several other names. In general, this procedure is carried out by placing a drop of blood from the patient's fingertip on a microscope slide under a glass cover slip to keep it from drying out. 

The slide is then viewed at high magnification with a dark-field microscope that forwards the image to a television monitor. Both practitioner and client can then see the blood cells, which appear as dark bodies outlined in white. 

The practitioner may take Polaroid photographs of the television picture or may videotape the procedure for himself and/or the client.