De-Stress Your Eyes SCIO/Indigo Protocol 
Instructor: Levi Baxa, Q.B.S, H.T.C.

Education: 2 Continuing Education Units
Class Type: EPFX/SCIO/Indigo Student

Course Overview

Perception is something that can either be empowering or dis-empowering, the illusion of separation seems to be so real that we limit our own vision. Eyes are generally adapted to the environment and lifestyle of the individual's lives are being affected by what they see.

The eyes have been referred to as the window to the soul. The question is, of course, "what things are limiting our view?" This session will take us to the several areas of the Clasp32 Program that are the most supportive to our subject.

Also, this course will be full of additional ideas and methodologies that may assist you being the possibility of allowing our eyes to return back to their intrinsic state.