Let's Get Technical SCIO/Indigo Protocol
Instructor: Levi Baxa, Q.B.S, H.T.C.

Education: 2 Continuing Education Units 
Class Type: SCIO/Indigo Student

Course Overview

In this course we will discuss the maintenance of your computer to help alleviate lockups as 80% of all lockups are practitioner based. We will learn how to set up computers and maintain the health of our computers. 

Levi will walk students through the steps needed to fix your computer if and when it freezes. Also, in this course Levi will address one of the most challenging experiences for practitioners; time management. 

The SCIO/Indigo software has many shortcuts to support the practitioner in managing time during sessions. With more time available, these shortcuts will open up time for the practitioner to aid clients more than ever before!